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Locker Room Usage
February 2, 2021

Please be advised that per the "Step 2" rules there is absolutely no drinking or lounging in the locker rooms after games during this pandemic.  All teams are asked to immediately exit the locker rooms after getting dressed in all CHL rinks including Newington, Cromwell and Northford.  If we do not "as an organization" follow these rules and beer cans are found in garbage pails after games and rink employees are forced to beg players to leave, the locker rooms will be locked indefinitely.  No one wants to get dressed in their car before the game so PLEASE let's all work together and follow these rink rules to enjoy and maintain locker room usage going forward.

Please do not be the team that doesn't follow the rules and ruins it for the rest of the teams.  Locker room usage is at the discretion of the rinks during these difficult times.  CHL and the rinks are committed to follow the rules and regulations to keep games active and promoting a safe environment for all players.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation. 

Jeff Culmone 

CHL Commissioner 


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