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Roster LOCK after team's 5th Game is played

3 game requirement for Playoffs

Updated: November 16, 2022

Amended 12/4/14


Eligibility Rules For Players Playing on Multiple Teams

1. For Tier 3 and Higher, no player may play on more than one team within the same tier. However, a player may,... eg. play on one team in Northford Tier 4 and one team in Cromwell/Newington Tier 4 in the same season.  In Tiers 7,6, and 5 for all rinks, a player may play on more than one team within the same Tier, within the same rink during the same season.

2. A player playing on multiple teams may not "skip" more than 2 Tiers even if eligible per the rules.

3. All players in ALL Tiers must Play 1/3 the total number games for that specific season to be eligible for Playoffs.

4. Players within each tier that do NOT meet the eligibility requirements of the league will be handled and removed by the Hockey Director or League Commissioner upon notification from a Division Captain. 

Players that meet the eligibility requirements, but are deemed to be "Too Skilled" can be brought to the League's attention by a Division Captain. Once this occurs, there will be a vote at the end of the session and with a 70% majority that player can be removed from further play in that Division for All CHL rinks.

In addition, a captain can ask for an "immediate vote" with with a 100% agreement by ALL Division captains (excluding the Player's team), a player can be immediately removed from the  Division by the Hockey Director or League Commissioner.

6.  Rosters Lock at the Midpoint of each session.  In a 15 game session, rosters "Lock" after the teams 8th game is played, and in a 12 game session the roster "Locks" after the 6th game is played.  The League notifies all teams via the newsfeed when all Rosters have locked during each session.


1.  Any team in any tier that makes the playoffs with over an 80% win percentage,  (over 12 wins out of 15),  will be asked to move up a Tier.  

2.  Conversely, any team with a win percentage of less than 20% win percentage, (less that 3 wins out of 15),  will have the option to move down a Tier.

"Ties" will not count towards this calculation and are tossed out,  (eg. a team with a record of 10-4-1 will have a 71% win percentage, a team with a record of 11-4 has an 73% win percentage). Overtime Losses will be factored in.

Teams have the ultimate choice to drop down or not, but playoff teams with a win percentage of 80% or higher will not have the option.

If dropping down, the teams will have the option to do so without any changes to their current roster for all players that have participated in at least 8 games. Players "Out of Tier" that have played less than 5 games, (the minimum for playoff eligibility), will be reviewed on a player by player basis by the league.

From a league perspective, keep in mind that the league is looking to have every team in each Tier around a 50% win percentage.  Obviously this is daunting task, but if we have all teams in a 20% to 80% win percentage, we are comfortable that the teams are in the correct Tier.

(South) Tiers will be in line with the North Tiers. Tier 4 in the South, will be a comparable Tier as Tier 4 in the North.  

Teams in the South looking to play in Tiers 1,2,5,6 and 7 will not be asked to travel to Newington, and Cromwell / Wesleyan will be their furthest point of travel.  North teams will not be asked to travel to Northford, but can upon request.

Tiers 3 and 4 (South) will remain only playing out of Northford Ice Pavilion.




Tier 1 All Stars  (A League)

1. 16 and over with no limitation (open division).


Tier 2 / B League - Advanced Hockey Level

1. 16 and over with High Level Skill.

2. No Pro or Division I, II, or III, within 5 years

*Beginning Fall of 2015 - Junior "A" players are eligible after 3 years of last game played. ( Matching Club Hockey requirements).  Posted 7/22/15


Tier 3 /C League - Intermediate / Advanced

1. 16 and older with above average playing skill

2. No Pro or Division I, II, III within 10 years, No Club Hockey or Junior A experience within 5 years of last game played. 


Tier 4 /D League - Intermediate Hockey Player

1. 16 and older with average hockey playing skill.

2. No Pro or Division I, II, III, Club Hockey, Junior (A) within 10 years

No Junior B or High School experience within 5 years of last game played.


Tier 5 - Advanced Beginner

1.  16 and older with less than average hockey playing skill

No High School or Junior players within 7 years of last game played


Tier 6 - Beginner

1. 16 and older - Beginner Hockey Playing level\

No High School or Junior players within 10 years of last game played




- "Club Hockey" is referring only to Certified or Affiliate College Hockey Programs.

- There are no limitations for CHL female players and they should feel free to play in any Division based on playing ability and subject to Hockey Director review, with the exception of Pro, or College Division 1,2,3 players.  In those cases, that will be handled on a "case by case" review to place in the correct tier.



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